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Real estate is our passion and therefore we know how important professional management of your property is. Be it a residential or commercial property, through many years of experience and constant development, our managers have all the relevant knowledge to ensure the preservation and increase the value of your property. Maintenance, regular changes in the framework conditions, constant support and modernization work as well as future-oriented planning are necessary in order to increase the value.


Our Services

Your satisfaction is our driving force, which is why our range of services covers all relevant fields of property management.

Monthly transparent billing, account status

In-house architect and planner

Rental service

Billing of heating and operating costs

Examination and implementation of rent increase options

Complete object correspondence (with tenants, craftsmen, authorities, insurers, utilities)

Overall management of service offerings (optimization of service offerings, e.g. from house cleaning companies, gardening companies, and property maintenance companies).

Comprehensive support during the sale of the property

Support during division into condominiums

Assistance with succession planning

Assistance in negotiations with tenants in the case of conversion to ownership

Recommendation of experts such as architects, tax consultants, attorneys, and surveyors

Object Management

Electronics specialist store in Lüneburg

The electronics store in Lüneburg has been part of our portfolio since January 2021 and will be managed by Ozean Immobilienverwaltung from February 2023. The store offers consumers all electronic products for all situations on approximately 3,700 square meters. Ozean Immobilien Management is responsible for the technical and commercial management. The team of Ozean Immobilien Management is the contact person when it comes to managing rents, all billing, bookkeeping, or ordering supply services. In addition, the technical management of the commercial property is the focus. The operation and control of the facility, the control of service providers, the organization of maintenance measures or modernizations are part of the management.

Specialty store center Singen

The specialty store center in Singen includes a furniture store, an electronics store, and a fast-food restaurant on approximately 12,500 square meters and was the first property in our portfolio. The center has been part of our repertoire since December 2016. Here, the team of Ozean Immobilien already takes care of all commercial and technical administration points. With the team of the property management of Ozean Immobilien Management, we rely on a sensible repair policy and a transparent financial management that aims for continuous cost optimization. Ozean Immobilien is the contact person for all concerns and guarantees prompt solutions to all problems.

Shopping center Hildesheim

Since March 2020, the shopping center in Hildesheim has been one of our portfolio properties. Currently still available through an external property management, the building offers sufficient space for various providers on approximately 8,700 square meters. From the electronics store to a pet supply provider to the fitness studio, we support the possibilities for covering daily needs on site with the shopping center.

Electronics specialist market Heide

The electronics store in Heide has also been part of our portfolio since January 2021. Ozean Immobilien Management will take over the technical and commercial management of the property from February 2023 and is therefore the contact person for all matters concerning the tenants of the commercial property. The specialty store with 3,700 square meters provides electronic products for daily needs and leisure activities.

Local supply center Altenglan

The local supply center in Altenglan has been one of our portfolio properties since June 2017. Visitors will find two retail markets offering a wide range of all products for daily needs on the approximately 3,000 square meters. Until now, the center has been managed by an external company, but in the future this will also be taken over by Ozean Immobilien Management.

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